Avinger #2

Avinger Texas #2 TX-49 Center of Town

  • Face size is 8′ X 24′
  • Two faces combined is 17’6″ X 24′ if available.
  • Coordinates: 32°53’57.0″N, 94°33’21.5″W
  • Traffic Count at this location is 3200 Vehicles per day

Viewed driving North on TX-49                         

Viewed driving South on TX-49


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Sign #         Face and Direction
1005           LH Upper NB
1006           LH Lower NB
1007           RH Upper SB
1008           RH Lower SB

RH Right Hand Read, LH Left Hand Read.  NB North Bound, SB South Bound Travel

For Best Prices call Herb Stark



Billboards for rent in North Texas

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