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Herb and Wilma (Willie) Stark

Have been building and renting billboards in Texas since 1987.  They cleared some land they owned in East Texas and planted 2187 blueberry bushes forming Herb’s Texas Blueberry Farm.  Blueberry bushes produce approximately 20 pounds of blueberries each season during June and July.  Herb decided that they needed a way bring people into their farm to buy their blueberries.  He started looking into road signs.  A high school friend of his from Louisiana was in the sign and billboard business.  This friend suggested that Herb should build some outdoor advertising structures with 4 faces on each site.  So Stark Outdoor Advertising was born.

Herb and Willie
Herb and Willie Stark

Not having the skill to paint billboards, but having a bit of construction and computer savvy, Herb traded work with Perry Thigpen of Thigpen Outdoor in Central Louisiana to build and operate a couple of structures near the blueberry farm.  Long story short, the blueberries prospered and the billboards and an internet web site brought customers in from all over Texas to pick and enjoy the healthy and delicious blueberry.  It did not take long for Herb to discover that he was making more on the extra faces that he rented to local merchants than he was making on the blueberry farm.

Avinger2 LR
One of the first structures

So he decided to build more structures.  A lot of time spent in local county courthouses searching for suitable small lots that would qualify under the new Texas Highway Beautification Act for billboards paid off.  Stark Outdoor Advertising continued to grow expanding to 23 Texas structures and 5 structures in Central Louisiana.  Most of the sites constructed are built on small tracts of land purchased for that purpose.

Today, Herb’s Texas Blueberry Farm has new owners, Stark Outdoor Advertising has sold the Louisiana structures, and is operating the 23 Texas sites.

Diana1 SB 061614
A more recent structure

Herb has acquired over 25 years experience designing billboard faces for his clients in Texas. Most of his clients are small businesses without in house capabilities to design effective ads, so this service helps local businesses afford a quality advertising program.


2015 June Ray 006 July 29 WT Eddystone cropped (1)
Willie’s Tug at Eddystone Rock Misty Fjords near Ketchikan Alaska Photo by Ray Perry.

We are open for your convenience 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, no matter where we happen to be at the time.






Billboards for rent in North Texas

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